Mano M.
Yelp review 4/29/2024

Alan was very good. Great service. Arrived on time. Fixed future issue as well. Saved whole house flood

Myrevie W.
Yelp review 3/11/2024

Springs had done recent plumbing repair and happy with the work. When we had a leak in the pipes, Alan from Springs Plumbing came to our assistance right away on the weekend and fixed the problem, working late in the evening till repaired and gave an outstanding warranty. Highly recommend: Alan is trustworthy, responsive, professional and does a great job, at reasonable price, and gives a great warranty!

Suzan H.
Yelp review 2/25/2024

This is my second time this year, that we needed plumbing help quickly. Alan was so wonderful the first time I called that I kept his magnet business card on my fridge. This time, it was our garbage disposal. We bought a replacement of the same one we had because my husband wanted to do the work on his own. Unfortunately, age and health prevented him from finishing. Alan came early, finished the job quickly, and charged a very fair price. I'm not losing his business card!

Ryan B.
Yelp review 1/30/2024

I discovered a blocked main sewer line late last night. I called Springs Plumbing first thing this morning. Alan arrived within 30min, quickly resolved the issue, and charged a fair price. He was kind and thorough. I'll be calling him again next time I have a plumbing issue for sure.

Linda S.
Yelp review 8/10/2023

We had a problem with our shower. Another plumber came x2 fora total of 6 hours and made the problem even worse, and the statement "I may have to tear the wall down". We decided at that point we would hire another plumber. A little research later and we were very lucky to find Alan with Springs Plumbing. He is incredibly professional, fast and efficient, and fairly priced. He even came after hours with no additional charge. He is definitely our go-to plumber in the future!

Laura C.
Yelp review 7/29/2023

I live with my elderly mother who turned away a Plumber I had hired from Springs Plumbing to work on a leaking sink. I was not able to be home at the time, but other family members were home with her. I had done the research and Springs Plumbing looks like a great company. I had chatted with Alan over the phone, and he even agreed to extend his hours a little and drop by same day. So when my mom turned him away, it was an inconvenience for Alan. But Alan didn't complain. He was courteous to my mom. My mom's reasons were good, but were misplaced. The van didn't have a company logo and Alan's shirt was not marked on the front with his name, etc. She was afraid to let him in. I asked her later, "If Alan was fake, how would he have known to pretend to be a plumber on that day and time? And how come his phone number is the same one used on the plumbing company's website?" Yes, we all need to be cautious on who we let in, but after vetting this company and it's employee and arranging the appointment only to not let him in was ridiculous. And so, I just want to praise Alan for his patience, courtesy, and professionalism in being patient with a disagreeable old woman. Next time I will be there to let him in! I'm just so sorry this happened to him.

Dimitri L.
Yelp review 7/9/2023

We contacted Alan at Springs Plumbing with a few faucets replacements and a more serious problem that involved repositioning of a drain pipe in our guest bathroom. We had other plumbing companies give us quotes that were outrageous, to say the least, and Alan said he'd take a look and try to fix it at a reasonable price. He came today and finished his work, working tirelessly until it was properly done. Not only a consummate worker but a very honest and passionate about his work. You see, Alan is a perfectionist and will deliver any job as promised. And the price, you ask? About half or less than the major plumbing companies would ask for. On top of that, Alan is very clean, does not leave a mess behind when finished and is a very pleasant gentleman that strives to please. Thank you Alan, and you are our plumber forever now!!!

Ralph P.
Yelp review 6/22/2023

Highly recommend Alan with Springs Plumbing. He takes pride in his work. I will hire him again for all my plumbing needs. He is fair with his pricing and has tons of knowledge. Explained everything very well and even came on a Sunday evening. Highly encourage you to give Alan a try.

Melody F.
Yelp review 5/29/2023

The faucet in my tub/shower would not shut completely off so I checked the phonebook and found Spring. I liked that the owner had a family picture in his ad, so I called and got his voice mail. I left a message saying what the problem was, but I also said it was not an emergency. I was a little nervous about how long it would take for him to get back to me, and I was happily surprised when I got a call back within 15 minutes. The owner said he had an employee just finishing a job and he could take my call next. Believe it or not, he showed up in less than an hour. The employee (Stacy) went right to work and checked the leaking side (cold), but I was pleased when he also checked the other side (hot), because they generally fail at about the same time. I have an old house, so he didn't have the parts on his truck, but knew where to find them and headed out to pick them up. He got back quickly and had the problem fixed in no time. He was professional and informative, and told me that he looked through the parts tray at the store so he could find stems that turned the same direction as the ones he was replacing. Who does that??? I thought that kind of attention to detail was a thing of the past. When Stacy wrote my bill out, he added a senior discount without my having to ask for it, and trust me, it's worth asking about. I couldn't be more pleased, and will call them any time I have a plumbing issue. I give this company A+ for responsiveness, work, customer service and price.

Ally B.
Yelp review 5/17/2023

Alan with Spring's promptly replied to my quote request and quoted us quickly. I wanted my gas line moved to fit a new range I bought and he knew exactly what needed to be done. On the day of work he got the job done so fast and cleanly while wearing booties on his shoes/placing blankets to protect my hardwood flooring. I highly recommend Alan for your next plumbing project.

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